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My name is Raphael Francisco Azarius di Angelo.    I work as a Trance Medium, Intuitive, Healer and Teacher.   My work expresses itself in several different forms.   First there is the intuitive and /or conscious channeling, where I receive and share what I am receiving from whatever way it comes to me; then there is the Trance Channeling of Spirit Of The Light, where I use an altered state of consciousness to allow Spirit to use my person and body to give messages and teach; then there is the channeling of  'The Ring' an Extraterrestrial Communications and Energy  Healing circle, where through the use of mental telepathy and conscious channeling I hear the thoughts and voices of 'The Ring', extraterrestrials and convey their message and they do direct energy work with each individual to facilitate growth and healing on different levels; and there is also that of my work as a Hands On Healer.   It is my intention to provide the clearest guidance that I am capable of, at the moment, I am sharing with you and the clearest, cleanest, healing.   I sincerely hope that all receive what they most need at the moment and I hope that you are fulfilled, healed and guided by what you receive.   I do my best in every way I am guided to do, to be a clear and perfect channel of the Light and Spirit Of The Light.
Visit this website often and watch for changes as they take place and unfold in this adventure we all share together and evolve on this website.
This is the newest level of my work on this planet and I sincerely hope I can be as clear here as I have been in other areas of my work.
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