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The begining

Write your post here.The First thing I would like to say is Hello and Welcome.    I am creating this website and blog following the guidance of Spirit.   The blog is not to only be the voice of Spirit, but a place where I can share my process, thoughts and feelings as well with and including 'The Voice of Spirit Of The Light.    It is my sincere hope that you will find this interesting.   Even in typing this right now, I am facing my fears and going through a process of growth.    Many of you would have no way of knowing this, but as I was being born physically, I turn in my Mothers stomach in such a way, as to rap the cord around my neck.   Setting up my first influences and life lessons.    Self expresion comimg very difficult to me and always to choke as I am being born.   Had it not been for others I would have died in child birth,setting up much of my relationship with others and the material world.    I learned of the event from my parents, whom I miss a great deal, though they talk to me from the otherside quite frequently, I learned of the lessons through living and healers I have worked with.    Everything in our life experience can contribute to our growth and self awareness if we are willing to allow ourselves to look and listen.    There is no experience in life, no matter how large or small that does not facilitate us in our growth fi we let it.   I will never get to sleep tonight I have set my mind going many miles a minute by wirting these words and can clearly see the absolute brilliance of Spirit in suggesting I get a blog, it is deepenong my experience of my process as I type, I can feel yhis I truely can.   I have so much to say and finally a place to say, so I can stop driving my friends crazy.   So Welcome all who dare to ead of my journey and welcome to me, as I meet a Raphael and level of integration i have never known before!