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Miracles come at different times of the year!
Is the Miracle real? I hope so!
The Need to Be!
My Christmas Miracle!
Success! Finally something good!


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Miracles come at different times of the year!

Love itself is a miracle!   I thank all of you for your prayers for David Marc, but I have never heard from him again and at first it made me sad and I thought I might shut down, then I met ,
Mark Preston Murphy, one of the truest men I have ever met.   Emotionally available even though he is a Military Man who will retire in about two weeks and I am so happy and forgetting about David Marc, to whom I wish happiness and good health and I hope he also finds true love again, I really do!

Is the Miracle real? I hope so!

My Heart is aching over an un confirmed loss and I must write about this to face the fear of the judgement of others and possibly my own inner negative mind.   My Christmas miracle threatens to become a Christmas nightmare!     Though nothing can change the joy of that day for me, the memory is well implanted in my mind!     Not long after Christmas, David Marc and I proclaimed love for each other and then he dropped the bomb.    He told me he had started an import/export business and had gone overseas to buy Artifacts, that when he went to ship the Artifacts home the government proclaimed that some of them were illegal and confiscated all his artifacts and then the Hotel took his passport because he was unable to pay his bill and could I send him any money to get him out of this fix.

The Need to Be!

I have still not made use of this Blog as originally intended, but I am internally working on it!    Though I often struggle and fight for clarity, I also resist, as I believe we all do!    There is the need for truth, but also the teachings and training, both direct and indirect, of lies and lying!    As with most people I ilike my personal deceptions sometimes and writing on the Blog actualizes thought and feelings, validating them and bringing deeper and greater levels of awareness!

My Christmas Miracle!

For the first time in my life I have a memory that tops my childhood memories of Christmas!   Much to my surprise, on Christmas day I got an email message telling me I had a new message on this dating website, I have no memory of ever signing up for.   The common popular theory is that some of these sites sell your information to other sites, they make a profile for you based on the info they have received and when you get a message, they reel you in as a customer!    It is possible, but I do not really know how it works, I just have no memory of it and there are a lot of explanations for that.

Success! Finally something good!

Well Sunday December 11, 2011, came and went.    It was more of a resounding success then I expected!    I had two experiments on Sunday,   First to do a Trance Channeling over the telephone!       This may not seem like a great challenge to many of you, but my confidence has been at zero.   Not having channeled in at the least two years and not ever having done the work over the telephone, needing as little distraction as possible to attain as deep a state of surrender as possible, the idea of attempting to this over the phone with no one physically present was just terrifying.

Today is Sunday, ARGH!

It is Sunday Morning and there are several things on my mind, one is that i have no help with this website and try as I may to catch the typing errors some slip through, I do not yet have an editors eye never having been properly trained in grammar and such as I grew up, I was always bad at grammar, in any language!      Odd I should be writing so much now and that 'Spirit Of The Light says my future is in books!    Hmm!    It also, to me, strange that with this blog I have yet to directly discuss anything Psychic or Spiritual except process, but only from the point if view of process, which others have already found valuable, but it is still a pet peeve of mine.

Being Perfect for Others is an impossible job!

As I have begun to compile this website, as with many new ventures, I find that anything remotely relayed to my fears and limitations coming up in my life and communications.     It creates the need in one to run and hide instead of putting oneself out there!    I am as flawed a Human being as anyone, but i am trying.     Should our flaws keep us from moving forward, absolutely not, can we learn and grow, YES!

A part of me wants to stop right there and go no further, but that would be choosing from fear and creating a limitation for myself and i won't do that when i can stop myself from doing it.

There aren't always answers! Hang in there.

Today my heart is very heavy, I had a fight with a potential romantic partner the other day and it was an intense fight and may have ended our communications.    Human communications absolutely fascinate me, you can work so hard to be clear and concise yet, still be misunderstood or heard through the filters of the other person.     Part of the reason for this is that, quite frankly, it is so hard to conceive of OTHER!    We forget that someone else has their own way of seeing things.

They say three is the charm!

Twice, I have done it twice now!   Twice before I have started this blog tonight and twice I have lost all the words I wrote as I was getting really deep into my understanding of something quite impactful to all of us, but very personally to me!     It is evidently an understanding i internally achieved,but have not admitted externally and tonigh i am refusing to let it out by consistently sabotaging myself here and rewounding the pain it has caused within me.   If you can begin to understand this you will come to understand something very covert about Human psychology

The begining

Write your post here.The First thing I would like to say is Hello and Welcome.    I am creating this website and blog following the guidance of Spirit.   The blog is not to only be the voice of Spirit, but a place where I can share my process, thoughts and feelings as well with and including 'The Voice of Spirit Of The Light.    It is my sincere hope that you will find this interesting.   Even in typing this right now, I am facing my fears and going through a process of growth.
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