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I was guided into this work over many years and relate to this work from guidance.   I try to live my life and do 'The Work' from a state of surrender to guidance, whether it appears to my clients that I am speaking to them as myself or as Spirit Of The Light.   It is through this state of surrender that I hear all that I have to say.    When I am coming from the possible limitation of my own thoughts I always try to inform the people I am working with.   Though, I  believe, that even my personal thoughts and actions are guided by Spirit Of The Light.   It is my experience that I always give what is needed from the perception of Spirit Of The Light, as best I can hear and interpret what they are sharing with me to share with you!   As a Medium I have come to see how all of life is guided, including my work.
Realizing that I may not live up to your expectations, I cannot conform 'The Work' to the opinions and desires of others.   'The Work' is about Truth, Healing and Growth, it is not a popularity contest.   I am not a performer, all that I do comes from the heart personal and universal.
There is a Spiritual Path of the Heart, which I experience as the Path of Spirit Of The Light.    Not much is known or written of this path, which unfolds through the living of life, as a natural unfoldment of life.    It is my experience that a part of my Path and Purpose is to bring greater clarity to the Earthplane and individuals, about this path.    Having been guided to create this website is a part of the fulfillment of that Path and Purpose.
In addition to my work as a Medium, I also do other kinds of Psychic work.   Today I was encouraged by Spirit Of The Light, to include on this website, Spiritual Real Estate Cleansing.
Purification of energy is a subject on which I have been trained and I have been called into many different spaces for different reasons to change the energy and to cleanse the space.
This is a difficult work and must be handled each individual circumstance at a time, separately.
Any necessary understandings for this kind of work must be acheived in individual consultations.
 I welcome the opportunity to work with you, earn your trust and deliver you the best service that I can offer.
92 Cedar Street, F13
Norwalk, CT 06854
 By private appointment or scheduled groups, which will be listed on this website!
Definitions of the different kinds of work that I do;
Channeling is but one of the Vibrational  Science techniques, the departing of information is but one of the intentions in channeling and a lesser intention at that.     Channeling facilitates an exchange of energy and becomes the conduit of vibrational raising and influence.    Few people realize that as one listens to the words of Spirit through a Medium they are being worked on energetically and experiencing the information vibrationally.    One of the great benefits to sitting with a Medium and listening to a channeling, is the vibrational work or influence that naturally and intentionally comes through the process, more then just listening to the words. The words are meant to hold the attention of the intellect so as to keep it from inhibiting growth, change and healing.     Healing as evolution is the greatest aspect of channeling.   It is literally impossible to sit with a Medium and not be changed, though the changes may not be visible they are real and there!
'The Ring'
Though working with 'The Ring' is still a form of channeling, it is more telepathy.     This may also be reffered to as conscious channeling!     Though I do enter an altered state of consciousness it is slower and I am more awake and present, this is so they may work on and with me at the same time as they work with everyone else.     It is very fulfilling, yet extremely exhausting work and The Work of  'The Ring' is less about information and words and much more about vibrational manipulation for the purpose of energy healing and evolution of the species.     Though they will at times lecture and answer questions they consistently say that the time of words has past!
First I speak the words of a prayer and then ask all of those attending to speak the prayer aloud after me.    This brings us all into the same intention and raises the vibration of the group in preparartion for Spirit Of The Light.
Using prayer and internal focus I achieve an altered state of consciousness allowing the presence of Spirit of The Light to come into my body and use it to teach and heal.    When this happens there are changes in my body language, accent of voice and it is evident that some other person is present and speaking.
The different presences will lecture, share messages, jest and allow dialogue, questions and answers!    Every once in a great while they will facilitate hands on healing work!
These circles are more structured and have boundaries that must be adhered to .    If the boundaries are not followed 'The Ring ' will not facilitate the circle!    Every step, each request, has a purpose and reason and they require cooperation,   First, as you enter the circle you are asked to walk around the center of the circle clockwise, one full time before choosing your seat.
Once the formal energy work has begun, you are requested to remain in your seats unless special perrmssion is given and the appropriate adjustments are made, this is for the protection and caretaking of all participants.     The circle usually begins with messages or a brief lecture, then to prepare the group for the energy work a process of connection is facilitated called INTERLINK, when the Interlink is complete for everyone they request that you speak the words 'I AM' and then the more formal energy work begins, 'The Ring' will use the pronouncement of a series of words to represent the energy, the words that are chosen may or may not literally describe the energy, they are meant as conceptual key codes, awakening, evoking imagery in the mind that equates with the vibration of what they are attempying to achieve.    'The Ring' does not spend much tume describing the work they are doing, they feel the time for words has  past and it is time for action and experience.    They must adhere to certain laws and rules within the relationship between dimensions and lifeforms.   Believing deeply in free will,  they, strongly, do not wish to influence the outcome, but to allow each indiviual to evolve in their own way, naturally.
In addition to the direct energy work, they use a series of tonal vibrational tools, such as TONING or the LANGUAGE OF LIGHT, Toning is the use of seeming random sounds often musical in nature to achieve a certain vibrational effects or impact in our existence, The Language Of Light, is not unlike speaking in tongues and sounds very much like gibbertish but holds the same intention as toning!
People are asked to remain seated until the energy work is complete and then the circle is broken formally and all may leave.
Usually a very powerful and moving circle of healing  work through sound done on a group level and individually.    Again using prayer and internal focus to acheive an altered state of consciousness, THE REALM OF THE MUSE take over projecting sound through the use of the Human voice for the whole group and then  one by one each person is called into the center of the circle and worked with individually!
Again using prayer and internal focus to open to Spirit Of The Light, the indivivual Spirit Guides of each person are seen, communicated with and shared and upon the request of Spirit drawn in picture form.
This process begins with a private consultation to determine the nature of the cleansing ad then a walk through to further clarify the specific work to be done.    Depending in wha has been determined will depend as to whether or not a separat time must be estahblished to complete the task, which may take more then one visit depending on the reaction of the energy to the cleansing!    This can be simple or dangerous work and is not to be taken lightly.    Paticipation may be rquired of thise involved, this is determined in each situatuion!
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